Posted by: Marcie Miller | May 19, 2010

Back up to Bunratty Castle

With the travel snafus we neglected to do an entry for the morning spent at Bunratty Castle, near Shannon airport. We stayed the night before at a grandmotherly B&B near the castle. There was even a small grandchild crawling around for affect.

Bunratty and its associated folk village give a look at Irish life at different periods of time, and at different social statuses. The castle has been restored and is really pretty cool, despite the masses of tourists. This is a good time of year to go, before they get too thick. While it was interesting to look in the cottages, the smoke from the turf fires in the fireplaces made entering almost unbearable. I can’t imaging living with that every day! In case you’ve never smelled it, burning turf  (peat) smells like burning tires.

Let’s throw some pics in here.

Imposing from this angle isn't it?

Bunratty was open for business.

Chris made a new friend at the folk park farm.



  1. A castle, OPEN? For YOU? Well congratulations! 🙂

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