Posted by: Marcie Miller | May 16, 2010

When the volcano blows…

Well the volcano finally got us — we have been stuck in the Shannon airport all day. Our flight to Edinburgh was canceled between the time we checked in and the time we got to the gate! It’s OK on this end – Edinburgh and several airports in the UK were shut due to the ash cloud on the move once again.

Instead we are flying (fingers crossed) at 10p.m. to Stansted – just outside London, and then DRIVING to Scotland. Woo hoo! We also met up with a fellow stranded traveler, who was on the same flight from New York and also going to Edinburgh – what are the odds?? He couldn’t get a flight tonight because, um, we took the last two seats, but he’s flying to Stansted in the morning and we are all going to drive to Glasgow. And then on to Skye! We will not be deterred! Chris must see his castle! Eat haggis! Buy a kilt!

Wish us luck. Will post more later!



  1. Oh, geeezzz, the volcano! I forgot about the volcano! Well of course you will not be deterred. You’re Marcie. (And Chris). Think of it this way…. it’ll make for an even MORE memorable adventure!

  2. Just checking in to see how far you made it by today (Tues. morning our time). Hope it’s going well……. we’re thinking of you!

  3. Tues. afternoon, our time. Chelsea just called and we gave each other updates. I thought the volcano would mess you up sooner or later. You may see all of Europe before you are on the way home! Rotsa ruck! Mom

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